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1) I was bored. 2) I refuse to use square wave for leads. The song has been made on ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. It is a 3-channels generator based on square waves. It has additional "buzzers" but they're designed mostly for bass. Therefore everybody use squares as leads on AY, which is boring. Still, it's most annoying to tune the "buzzers" in higher frequencies to make them sound like some funny leads. But I keep experimenting for many years: what more can be pulled-out from AY without additional CPU's activity (like it's being done on Atari ST for example). Hence I use only original possibilities of AY chip. And now I'm going to smoke some cherry tobacco. Greetz, ppl.

Свежая музыкальная композиция CHERRY TOBACCO от Yerzmyey для ZX Spectrum 48K с AY на борту. Никаких turbo-sound'ов и современных навороченных спектрумов. Перед вами очередной показатель того, что можно получить, с умом работая со звуком классического спектрума.

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  1. Dziękuję, Yerzmyey! :-D

  2. I don’t publish “stand-alone” musix for Spectrum, I wait for proper FULL programs to put the music into them (like “Critical Error” last time). This one music will be in a game, for example. So there is no point to publish it in ZX format as a ‘stand-alone’ file.
    On the other hand, MP3 are for listenners _without_ Spectrum.
    However, if You insist, here it is (looped)
    Best wishes,

  3. А где брать собственно файл для спектрума? Выдавать музу только в мрз – это примерно как выдавать спектрумские картинки только в жпг. Низачод :)

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