Demo Version: Flynn’s Adventure

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In April of 2012 Tomd released technical demo version of his promising game "Flynn's Adventure". Short information from the author below.

Here a tech demo of my latest full game, imaginatively titled "Flynn's Adventure" a follow-up/sequel to last years Flynn's Adventure in Bombland. I have now built the majority of the core game engine so thought it would be a great time to get you all to test it out so I can iron out the bugs, improve playability etc... before diving into to finishing the story, maps, graphics, sound etc... similar to what I did with my last full release which helped me loads. Thanks again...

The game is similar to a couple of my favourite titles of all time (won't take you long to guess) and the basic premise is to wander about the full colour map taking to people, slaying monsters, collecting useful stuff and solving puzzles in order to rescue your once again captured buddies.

Keys are QAOP(bnmSpace) or Sinclair (67890). In addition to this there are 6 menu keys. 1-attack mode, 2-use mode, 3-tape menu (doesn't do anything yet), 4-look mode, 5-inventory mode. 1 and 2 will hopefully be self explanatory. 3 will enable you to save your position in game eventually. 4 activates a look mode which doesn't do an awful lot at the moment other than help you id stuff (will do more later in the game). 5 shows the players inventory where you can equip items or drink potions etc...

Couple of hints/tips. You need to equip items before they are activated i.e. swords, torches etc... To use keys on locks you need to drag them from the inventory onto the thing you need unlocking. To use swords etc... you need to be in attack mode. To manipulate objects on screen you need to be in use mode.

Big thanks go to R-Tape who kindly alpha tested this for me.

Any question or feedback please just post here, hope you enjoy.

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