New MP3 Album of Micromusic/Chiptunes: ZX81 and Two YM2149 Chips

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Some info about the album from Yerzmyey below:

OK dudez, I don't release new stuff often. But after 2 years of silence I decided to make something new - and something a little bit different. ;)

This is a collection of songs made on ZX81 with TurboSound for ZX81 (two ZonX interfaces - on different ports - to play simultaneously 6 channels).
All has been written on real ZX81 machine - NO EMULATORS have been USED.
All titles are somehow related with ZX81 machine. ;)

The album is for fans of YM2149 and for AY fans.

01. Yerzmyey - ZX81
02. Yerzmyey - New Line
03. Yerzmyey - UrsULA
04. Yerzmyey - Motherboard Circuit ISSUE ONE
05. Yerzmyey - Break Space
06. Yerzmyey - Earport
07. Yerzmyey - Touch sense

TOTAL TIME: 29:39 min.

Full quality (more/less) 3-pages cover-art to download:

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