Rest In Peace, Mike Singleton

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ScreenieThis month, the fans of Spectrum have lost a couple of guys who meant a lot for this little but pretty quirky machine. Last week, Yuriy Rodionov has died. Today, Mike Singleton, who was christened as the father of computer gaming by many people, got his life ended while he was struggling with cancer.

For a recap, Singleton wrote such masterpieces of ZX Spectrum such as Lords of the Midnight, Doomdark's Revenge, Dark Sceptre and War in Middle Earth. These games, while being groundbreaking for their time, are also notable for their depth and incredibly huge in-game worlds that were previously thought to be impossible to fit into such a small RAM of ZX Spectrum.

May you rest in peace, Michael.

За этот месяц, два человека, которые сыграли далеко не малую роль в развитии Спектрума, безвозвратно исчезли из этого мира. Сначала умер Юрий Родионов. Потом поступило сообщение о смерти Майка Синглтона, которого поборол рак челюсти.

Напомню, что Майк - автор таких незабвенных шедевров на Спектруме, как Lords of the Midnight, Doomdark's Revenge, Dark Sceptre и War in Middle Earth.

Снимем шляпы.

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