Star Heritage Is Now In English!

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ScreenieWell, not quite, considering it's only a demo version that got the translation so far. Still, it's complete and it's working, so download the TRD image here to try it out. It should perfectly work in Spectaculator, FUSE or UnrealSpeccy.

Star Heritage was developed by STEP Creative Group in 1995 and was probably one of the first hit games of the Russian Spectrum homebrew scene. It's a gfx+text adventure which, however, incorporates a pure menu-based interface, alongside combats, day and night simulation and, somewhat obviously, exciting storyline. Several years later, it was remade for GameBoy Color and PC (with the latter being a licensed remake).

Discussion thread here.

Вышел перевод "Звёздного Наследия" на английский, вернее, его демки. Перевод 100% рабочий и проходится до конца. Просмотреть его можно тут.

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