Pro-DOS v2.0 (CP/M 2.2) Released [SAM Coupé]

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The new version by Chris Pile now finished and Steve (SPT) has kindly provided a permanent home for it on his Pro-DOS website. You can grab a copy of v2.0 here.

Here is a list of "highlights" taken from the updated user manual:

— Better CP/M 2.2 compatibility
— Up to eight simultaneously visible disk drives - Drives A: through to H:
— CompactFlash support using the ATOM-Lite (right-hand drive bay)
— Dual CF adapter support in the ATOM-Lite - seen as two separate drives
— MMC/SD/SDHC flash support using Quazar's Trinity Ethernet Interface
— 100% compatible with the AL-Patch format used by AL-Pro-DOS v1.9
— Pro-DOS can optionally boot from its own format 720k CP/M disks
— If your SAM has an AL-BOOT ROM Pro-DOS can also boot from CF cards
— Up to 64-Gigabytes (65535 logical disks) on CF/MMC/SD/SDHC cards
— Will use any external RAM packs to provide up to four 1MB RAM Drives
— Improved performance, with particular attention paid to screen output
— More accurate Heath/Zenith H19/Z19/DEC VT52 terminal emulation
— Better command-line editing functions
— Command-line can accept user areas - so DIR A4:*.COM is valid
— Can simultaneously change drives and user areas at the command prompt
— MS-DOS-like command history buffer for the eight most recent commands
— Retro green-screen look with funky flashing cursor - changeable of course!
— Will save/restore your chosen screen colours to/from the Trinity EEPROM
— System bell sound makes a better "ding" and no longer pauses the system
— The DIR command now outputs in alphabetically sorted columns
— Better memory use to allow v2.0 to retain v1.9's internal RAM Drive sizes
— A large (63238 byte) Transient Program Area for external programs
— The separate system files disk used by v1.9 is no longer required
— All system files are pre-installed to the internal RAM Drive at boot
— COPY and DUMP commands are now built-in, and not external programs
— All internal commands accept wildcards, including REName and COPY
— Ability to software-swap a pair of drives, so A: can be B: and vice versa
— FATREAD.COM for importing files from PC formatted FAT12/16/32 media

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