Speccy-Android 3.0.7

posted by TecSoft

Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator, includes the new Palette Editor and the option to search and download box artwork for your Spectrum software.

* Added Palette Editor, letting you adjust colors at runtime.
* Added "Edit Palette" option to emulator and File Selector menus.
* Added .PAL file display to File Selector and Gallery.
* Now automatically downloading box art images when on WiFi.
* Enable "Download Box Art" in File Selector main menu to download box art.
* Choose "Download Box Art" in context menu to find box art for one game only.
* DropBox no longer requires login every time you open it.
* Gameplay saved back to DropBox after you are done playing.
* Added Gallery support for SD card folders on Android Kitkat.
* Added DropBox upload from SD card folders on Android Kitkat.
* Fixed loading color palettes.
* Hopefully fixed "O" button on Sony Xperia gamepads.
* Improved background in portrait mode.
* Upgraded DropBox SDK to the latest version.

Download free or full version.

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