Speccy-Android 3.0.7

posted by TecSoft

Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator, includes the new Palette Editor and the option to search and download box artwork for your Spectrum software.

* Added Palette Editor, letting you adjust colors at runtime.
* Added "Edit Palette" option to emulator and File Selector menus.
* Added .PAL file display to File Selector and Gallery.
* Now automatically downloading box art images when on WiFi.
* Enable "Download Box Art" in File Selector main menu to download box art.
* Choose "Download Box Art" in context menu to find box art for one game only.
* DropBox no longer requires login every time you open it.
* Gameplay saved back to DropBox after you are done playing.
* Added Gallery support for SD card folders on Android Kitkat.
* Added DropBox upload from SD card folders on Android Kitkat.
* Fixed loading color palettes.
* Hopefully fixed "O" button on Sony Xperia gamepads.
* Improved background in portrait mode.
* Upgraded DropBox SDK to the latest version.

Download free or full version.


Android App: Speccy Live Wallpaper LITE

posted by news

ZX Spectrum tribute live wallpaper for Android phones. It allows to "spectrumize" photos with real load images and sounds, and many great enhancements!

Double tap to share picture in your favorite social network (Facebook/G+/Gmail) and to access wallpaper options! Once the LW starts, shake the phone to activate it. When the image is loaded, shake it again to spetrumize another image. Shake hardness can be configured in the options menu. Download it at Google Play.