Yerzmyey & Pinokio ZX videoclip :)

posted by Yerzmyey

Yerzmyey's and Pinokio's "Ai" official video (Spectrum + live drums & synths).

Synthesizers - Yerzmyey
Drums - Pinokio
Sequences go from ZX Spectrum with TurboSound (2 AY chips).

Videoclip by Larek.
Made in 2015.


ZX Spectrum in Yerz’s concert

posted by Yerzmyey

The concert took a place in Gdansk (Danzig) in 26.10.2013.

First videos appeared:

(2 songs: the first from Atari 520ST, the second from ZX Spectrum.  Both machines playing with YM2149 anyway ;) ).
Photos from the event:

Hardware used in general:
Atari520ST, ZX Spectrum Evolution, Amiga 1200.
Toy keyboards: Yamaha PSS-680, CASIO SK-5, Korg Monotron Duo.