ZX Spectrum 34 года!

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Хоть дата и не круглая, но позвольте налить всем шампанского и отпраздновать день рождения нашего любимчика - компьютера ZX Spectrum. 34 года назад он появился совсем маленький, с 16kb памяти. Сейчас он уже вымахал в здоровенного парня с множеством доработок и клонов. С праздником!


WiFi интернет на ZX

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Hacker VBI работает над оболочкой ZiFi - попыткой сделать интернет-клиент (не будем это пока называть браузером) с узко ограниченным набором поддерживаемых сайтов по ZX-тематике. Фишка в том, что оболочка пишется под разрабатываемую WiFi-сетевую карту на базе чипа EPS8266 (аппаратную часть делает TSL, драйвер сделал DDp). Подробнее о проекте можно почитать здесь.


ZX-Uno v4.1

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Обновилась версия разрабатываемого FPGA-клона ZX-Uno, который будет эмулировать различные модели Спектрума. Подробнее на домашней странице.


ACNews #62

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ACNews #61

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New Year issue (Russian+English)



ACNews #60

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New issue, this time in both Russian and English.



ACNews #59

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Brand New Game: Castlevania — Spectral Interlude!!!

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Even if Konami lost all interest in making proper Castlevania games, Dracula's Castle can’t be kept in the void forever. It just so happens, that this time fans were the ones to aid in it’s return.

It was originally invisioned as a „demake” of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest but eventually turned into an original independent game for ZX Spectrum.

It is an action-adventure platform game with elements of RPG. It merges well known elements of classic games with some new ideas. It tells a new story which tries to remain consistent with the canon of original franchise and explains why Belmonts disappeared for many years.

Dracula's Castle is awaiting new guests!



ZEsarUX v2.0 Released

posted by TecSoft

ZEsarUX is a Sinclair ZX Machines Emulator for Unix (Mac OS X Yosemite, Linux), including:
— ZX80
— ZX81
— ZX Spectrum
— Z88.

Changes are:

Added Cambridge Z88 emulation
Added Real audio tape loading on ZX Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81 (.rwa, .smp, .wav, .tzx, .tap, .p, .o formats). It handles loading of turbo load tapes or any type of tape loading for standard/non standard loading routines
Added Support for Chroma81 - Colour mode on ZX81
Added interlace and scanlines mode
Added Gigascreen mode
Added option to autoenable AY Chip when it is needed
Added option to change View Waveform Shape
Added option to find bytes, useful to discover POKEs
Added option to emulate RAM refresh
Added option to enable CPU transaction log
Added option to View Basic
Added loading support for ZX80 snapshot .z81
Changed .ZX snapshot to version 5 to support Z88 snapshots
Improved Beeper sound on all machines: Spectrum, ZX80, ZX81, Z88
Improved Inves Spectrum+ emulation
Fixed idle bus port value on +2A machines and memory paging enabled
Fixed timing with CALL opcodes, better ZX80/81/Spectrum hi-res video effects. No more need to use Video t_states offset on ZX81
Fixed MEMPTR value on some opcodes
Fixed cpu initializing registers and magic RANDOMIZE USR 46578. See http://foro.speccy.org/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2319
Fixed cpu opcode OUT(N),A
Fixed WRX mode on ZX81 and last column
Fixed ZX80/81 display bug and linecntr counter
Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

Download the latest version.


Brand New Game: SpaceMerc Prologue

posted by Alone Coder

Hippiman (автор игр Innsmouth и Project R.O.B.O.) представляет полную версию первой игры из серии Space Mercenary:

Space Mercenary: Prologue

Это походовая Action-RPG с видом от первого лица. Игра состоит из обучающей миссии (в которой подробно рассказывается о премудростях ролевой системы и управления), а также нескольких уровней с уклоном в сторону боевых действий. Мы играем за космического наёмника - охотника за головами - Флая Тарра, который, возвращаясь с очередного задания, неожиданно был взят на абордаж пиратами. О том, как он выбирался из пиратского плена, и повествует SpaceMerc Prologue.

Для запуска игры требуется ATM Turbo 2 (или ZX Evo baseconf, или Pentagon 2.666LE).



Brand New Game: Air Supply SOS (Save Our Sheep) [iOS]

posted by TecSoft

Quantum Sheep recently released a game hugely influenced by Jetpac.

It's called 'Air Supply SOS (Save Our Sheep) and you can see a video of it here.

And a review from Touch Arcade here: http://toucharcade.com/2014/09/29/air-supply-sos-review/

All the music in the game is made on actual ZX Spectrums by Yerzmyey.


Your Game 5

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All games to the "Your Game 5" compo are now submitted and voting has started. It is time for you to vote or to become a sponsor!


YERZMYEY — Courtesy (a ZX+AY cover of Super Hexagon Chipzel’s Song)

posted by TecSoft

ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. 3 channels Speccy chip tune. A cover of "Courtesy" (Super Hexagon) song by Chipzel.

Also, probably not entirely finished as we would run out of RAM on the target-machine (Vectrex).

Go and get the Chipzel's full album: http://chipzel.co.uk/album/super-hexagon-ep.


ANN: Tipshop updated Sunday, 01 June 2014

posted by TecSoft

The Tipshop site was updated again. Full list of changes you can read at the World Of Spectrum.

The Tipshop aims to be the site for hints, tips, maps, cheats, hacks, pokes - anything that will help you play Spectrum and SAM games.

Database size: 18350 entries for 4887 games.


Nightfall: Memotech External Keyboard for Sinclair ZX-81

posted by TecSoft

The biggest drawback to the Sinclair ZX-81 or Timex Sinclair 1000 computer is its tiny membrane keyboard. The Memotech keyboard is the solution to this. With its full stroke keys and standard size, it makes entering data and interacting with programs, so much easier. The bus connector had a Memopak I/F keyboard buffer on it so you could type at a natural pace and the Sinclair could keep up with you.


Picture of the Day: Arabic ZX Spectrum +2A Starting Screen

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