Brand New Game: Bounty

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Bounty 2012Paul Jenkinson introduced his new text adventure game - Bounty: The Search for Frooge.

This has some improvements over his previous adventure, especially around the parser.

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New fixed SNAPLOAD command for Esxdos 0.8.0

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Velesoft fixed some bugs in SNAPLOAD command for Esxdos 0.8.0.

Original code is used from FATWARE system and some SNA and Z80 files load or run incorrect. New snapload command is now add to zip archive with Esxdos system files.

List of Velesoft fixes (19.4.2012 - 13.8.2012) in SNAPLOAD (in compare with FATWARE or Esxdos 0.7.3):

  • LOCK to 48kB mode is enable for all 48kB Z80/SNA and 128kB SNA files. (128kB Z80 snapshots run only in 128kB mode)
  • correct register R value for all snapshots
  • Z80 snapshot - ram pages is loaded to correspond adress (ram 5 load to adress 16384 and ram 2 to adress 32768 )
  • fixed rom paging for +2A/+3 models
  • fixed EI/DI detection in SNA format ( now detect only bit D2 with IFF2 state - 0=DI / 1=EI )
  • add new detection if data in Z80v1 are compressed or uncompressed (original code use always compressed data/ignore bit D5 of +12th byte ader).
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    MiniGameCompo 2012 began

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    So time to go one with the MiniGameCompo 2012. The same contests as last year, a 1K, 2K and 4K competition. Like last year the compo will last for all categories until 30 november 2012.

    1K: latest submissiondate 30 november 2012.
    2K: latest submissiondate 30 november 2012.
    4K: latest submissiondate 30 november 2012.

    Submissions can be sent to DR_BEEP2000@OOHAY.DE (like last year reverse OOHAY for the right address).

    For fast contact use the contactform.

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    Chaos Constructions 2012

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    Напоминаем, что Chaos Constructions в этом году проходит на неделю раньше обычного. А именно 18 и 19 Августа.

    По спектруму у нас традиционные конкурсы: ZX Graphics (standard + gigascreen), AY Music (standard + TS), Beeper music, Demo и 4K intro.

    Также в этом году официально добавлен конкурс ZX Game. В котором могут участвовать игры для любого клона спектрума, в том числе и демоверсии игр. В данный момент на этот конкурс представлено 2 игры, ожидается еще как минимум 2.

    Приём работ на большинство конкурсов заканчивается ранним утром субботы 18 числа. Работы необходимо закачивать на сайт CC. В случае проблем с закачкой, работу можно отправить на e-mail: vtcd@mail.ru

    Проведение конкурсов Realtime ZX Graphics и AY Music запланированы на вечер 18 числа. Точное время и задание будут озвучены на сайте CC, ZX.PK.RU и здесь.

    Что касается развлекательной программы фестиваля, главным нововведением станет живые выступления 8-битных музыкантов. Их имена вам наверняка известны: C-jeff & Megus, Kosmopop2, Alex Ogre, VRUMZSSSR, <3an и т.д.

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    DiHalt 2012 ZX Spectrum Beeper Music Pack [TAP+TR-DOS]

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    dh2012 beeperTraditionally Shiru released the prod for a real machines.

    Enjoy and don't forget to say him thank you.

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    DiHalt2012 photo|update

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    Фотографии с прошедшего DiHalt'а 2012.

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    Brand New Utility: VideoTime 2

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    Einar Saukas and Flavio M. Matsumoto published VideoTime 2 — a utility to examine video timings of Spectrum-related machines (and clones).

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    Interview with Steve Wetherill (Odin)

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    Robin of the woodThanks to Jmvbok pointing us to the interview done to Steve Wetherill (Nodes of Yesod, Robin of The Wood, Arc of Yesod, Heartland... ¡Odin!) and published at www.elmundodelspectrum.com.

    Now you can read it here in its original format and language.

    Hope you enjoy it!


    Brand New Game: Poxoft Space Invaders 512b by AmiGanS

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    Yet another casual speccy game has been released at Pouet.

    There is no need to introduce such famous games like Space invaders — an arcade video game designed by Tomohiro Nishikado, and released in 1978.

    Here is SPACE INVADERS Variations in 512 bytes for ZX Spectrum 48k/128k. Enjoy.

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    Mrtka z Krtka Strikes Back by HOOY-PROGRAM

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    crapmo2012There is a new demo made at ShuCon 2012.

    A crazy crapmo sequel to Dupa Biskupa or Mrtka z Krtka crapmo by Hooy-Program.

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    Pixel Nation Magazine Are Now Available for £5.99

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    PNFantastic new both issues of Pixel Nation are now available for £5.99 including free shipping. This lasts until the 20th August so just 2 weeks or until the stock runs out.

    Issue 1 can be found here:

    Issue 2:


    Image to ZX Spec 1.3.3 Released

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    Image To ZX Spec is a multi core capable image and video converter that can produce vintage computer art images (jpeg/png) of any size and can even convert work to a real ZX Spectrum (or an emulator) as a slideshow or video. This is useful to create retro 8bit music videos, posters, tshirts, mock screenshots etc etc - you do not even need a Spectrum to use this program!

    It is written in Java and will work on Windows, Linux (tested on Ubuntu) or any Java 6 capable operating system.

    What's new in 1.3.3:

  • Added random single frame video preview.
  • Added improved video format support.
  • More monochrome dither fixes.
  • More UI changes.
  • Added serpentine error diffusion option.
  • Added error diffusion constraining option.
  • Improved error diffusion accuracy.

    Download link:

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    The Spectrum Show #7

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    Welcome to Episode 7 of The Spectrum Show.

    In this episode we take a look back to September 1983 to get all the latest Sinclair news and latest Spectrum game releases.
    We have a Spectrum arcade shootout – this time it’s Moon Patrol. Which of the Spectrum versions will come out on top?
    We review some older games and take a look at some newer titles.

    Hope you enjoy it.

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    SpecBAS 0.752 Now Available!

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    SpecBAS is a remake of Sinclair BASIC - it's faster, far more powerful and more colourful than Sinclair BASIC has ever been!

    SpecBAS incorporates all the features of Sinclair BASIC, but with more:
    Procedures, with both referenced and normal variable parameters
    Flow control with DO..LOOP, WHILE..LOOP, DO..UNTIL
    Better array handling, with variable BASE settings and FOR..EACH support
    Better string handling with LEFT$, RIGHT$, MID$, REPEAT$ etc
    Memory banks which can be loaded, saved and utilised to hold a variety of data types
    Many, many more maths functions, with both radians and degrees support
    Graphics with 8bpp in any supported resolution with full palette changing, rotation, scaling etc
    Sound support with MOD/S3M/XM/IT/MP3/VOC/WAV etc
    Turtle graphics, sprites, tilemaps.

    Go get it from http://www.specbas.co.uk.

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    ZX Life Shield Pro v4.1 (PC/Windows)

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    Marco A.G. Pinto released ZX Life Shield Pro v4.1 for PC/Windows.

    ZX Life Shield is the best program ever created to find lives for Spectrum games using the format .MIRAGE by the emulators ZXAM and the one created by Peter McGavin from New Zealand.

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    Brand New Game: Catacombs of Balachor

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    swcoverLaasoft Ltd presents the new arcade game, where an unsuccessful treasure hunter, you've been down on your luck for some time now.

    Scant pickings have forced you further and further out into the hills and forests, compelling you to seek your fortune in more inhospitable and dangerous locations.

    Design and programming by Lasasoft (comprising Morkin & Richard Green).

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