SpudACEDS v0.006

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It is the worlds first Jupiter Ace emulator for the Nintendo DS.

Simply copy the contents of the .zip file to the root directory of your device or card.
The .zip file contains a folder ("SpudACEDS") this is where the magic happens.
The rom ("ace.rom") must be in this folder and MUST not be renamed, the same also applies to "SpudACEDS.cfg".

SpudACEDS will always looks here first for files to load.


“Essentials” Demo by Revival Studios

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essentialsA nice demo for the Sinclair ZX-81 (16kb) and Timex Sinclair TS-1000 / TS-1500 systems, by Revival Studios, featuring Fractals and 3D Vectorballs.


Autosiril V1 Released

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After many years of its' development, Siril has finally uncovered one of his top secret projects, Autosiril. With its' help, it's possible to convert songs from MIDI to a Vortex Tracker Improved text file and then to a ProTracker 3 module (pt3), for the use on the real hardware. For now, Autosiril relies on the command-line interface, which means it may take a while to learn its' features.

It's also highly recommended to edit the module after it's converted because the results may not sound perfect at all. :)

Download it here. See the full article for the instruction manual in English.

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ByteFest 2012

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Есть тут один рецепт. Берём помещение в Праге (Чехия), расставляем в нём полсотни действующих ретро-компьютеров, 21-23 сентября открываем двери и ждём. Толпа поклонников и пользователей ретро и экзотических компьютеров не сможет пройти мимо. Так в очередной раз получится ретро-выставка ByteFest.


Retro Gamer Issue 107

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retrogamerThere is a new issue available.

For Speccy lovers there is Martyn Carroll's lookback at Mastertronic's Kane games and mine From the Archives on Alternative Software.

There's also articles on Robotron, the Apple II, Pitfall, Street Fighter and Major Havoc as well as all the usuals.

Credit to the mag as well for printing a very touching tribute to BSG, Gavin Crossling who died a couple of months ago aged just 40.

You can buy print or digital edition at Retro Gamer site.


Brand New ZX Spectrum Emulator for Jupiter Ace

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Antoniovilenna published his new emulator for Jupiter Ace.

Project page in Spanish:

Try it in a Jupiter Ace emulator:

Space to start basic typing. By pressing F7 you can toggle between B&W and Color.

With a game loaded:

Works on a real machine but requires RAM expansion (19K or 51K) and 2 banks of 8K of ROM, switching to the second bank after 100ms. Flash is emulated via software, so it works on a real machine. Color circuitery is not tested, so It's planned to be as simple as 3 ICs.

It's compatible with almost 100% ZX Spectrum pure BASIC games. PLOT, CIRCLE and DRAW are also emulated but only shows attributes on the screen.

Source code is here:

You can try your own local TAP games (remember, only pure BASIC programs). Drag and drop with the emulator and type LOAD"" or press F8.


UnrealSpeccy Portable (Dingoo A320e\Dingoo A380)

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Another version of great emulator UnrealSpeccy Portable this time for Dingoo A320e\Dingoo A380. It is based on UnrealSpeccy 0.37.3. Author — Alien Grey.

Download links: Original link, Mirror 1, Mirror 2.


Rescate Atlantida (Rescue Atlantis) 48/128k

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Shadow Maker has finally completed his long awaited crack of Rescate Atlantida by Dinamic Software.

It features the original game's intro, the all-new intros, the interphase password system, and much more.

Play and win!


Brand New Sinclair ZX Spectrum Spectranet (Ethernet Add-on) Now on Sale

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spectranetThanks to speccynews for the info.

You can read the description and buy the device at SellmyRetro.


Celebrating 30 Years of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Check out this mini report from Spectrum 30 event.

Also Stefan Schomburg uploaded a few photos to Picasa.


Laserharp Concert at Spectrum 30 Show

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Games Menu V1 Released

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It is a menu system for games (initially) but can be adopted in any way the user wishes.

This games menu system was modified for use with the divIDE / + with the esxDOS 0.8.0 system and a compact flash card attached. It is possible it could be adapted to other interfaces that use a CF (or HD).


Spectrum 30: First Photos

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Tipshop updated Sunday, 09 September 2012

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Today, The Tipshop site was updated. Full list of changes you may check at the World Of Spectrum.

The Tipshop aims to be the site for hints, tips, maps, cheats, hacks, pokes - anything that will help you play Spectrum and SAM games.

Database size: 17409 entries for 4581 games.


Sundown 2012: Nightmares by noice

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NightmaresFirst releases from Sundown 2012 demoparty. Take a look at Nightmares demo. The demo should run on all 128k machines.

Code: Shadow/Noice.
Graphics: Frost/Panda Design.
Music: Yerzmyey/Hooy-Program.


Android App: Speccy Live Wallpaper LITE

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ZX Spectrum tribute live wallpaper for Android phones. It allows to "spectrumize" photos with real load images and sounds, and many great enhancements!

Double tap to share picture in your favorite social network (Facebook/G+/Gmail) and to access wallpaper options! Once the LW starts, shake the phone to activate it. When the image is loaded, shake it again to spetrumize another image. Shake hardness can be configured in the options menu. Download it at Google Play.