Shadebobs Show by Sir David [SAM Coupé]

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ShadSAMStrictly speaking, the demo was released in 2008, but officially published at Pouet.net just a month ago.

Enjoy another nice SAM release.

Code: Sir David.
Music: Ziutek/E.S.I.

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Brand New Game: Ossuary

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OssuaryToday the ZX Spectrum has another game in its library: Ossuary.

Descend into an underground burial complex to rid it of the necromancer who has taken up home there, much to the annoyance of the local villagers who still want to use it to inter their dead. Work your way down through 24 levels of monsters and treasure to reach your enemy. Nobody has made it yet. Nor, probably, will you.

Download the game at the official site.

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Short Oldskool Demo by Sir David [SAM Coupé]

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SAMdemoGreat news that at Forever 14 for the first time we had a real Sam Coupe contribution,
which even won the "Other 8bit demo" category".

The name is "Short Oldskool Demo" and was done by Sir David.

It can be downloaded at http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=61145.


Forever 14 – ZX Spectrum Compo Releases

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Thanks to CreaMD pointing us to Speccy releases from this weekend's Forever demo party.

Gasman’s Wild compo entry: Gasman and Candy says - Forever Kiss Kill preview.

Graphics gallery available at ZX Art.

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We Are Alive! by Gembaboys

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New Wave 48K by Alone Coder & friends

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Forever 14 ZX Spectrum Results

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ZX Spectrum music competition

1. Lamer Pinky
FOR EVERYone 456 points
Lengyel 374 points
3. Factor6 / H-PRG ^ AY-R ^ Gembaboyz
Second Day Uptown 369 points

4. mborik / RM-TEAM
Inspiration 339 points
5. Noro hard & soft
Echology 317 points
6. scalesmann/march[ing] cats
we will never go to the place where we were young...
301 points

ZX Spectrum graphic competition

1. cvm / zeroteam
Sir Clive Presley 429 points
2. LCD
Samara in the forest of Slenderman
390 points
3. mborik / RM-TEAM
WE ARE ALIVE 357 points

4. nairam
3d torus 345 points
5. brightentayle
forested 2x|720 313 points
6. LCD
Illusion 240 points

ZX Spectrum 1k intro

1. Busy & Noro
3D vectors 1kB 450 points
2. Shadow/Noice
Variations/Noice 430 points
3. mborik/RM-TEAM
Colorix 1kB intro 390 points

4. Hellboj / Hooy Program
FneqP 379 points
5. goblinish
Senseless 256 bytes 212 points
6. ellvis / zeroteam
logo 1k 210 points

ZX Spectrum demo competition

1. Gembaboys
We are alive! 475 points
2. Alone Coder & co.
New Wave 48K 378 points

Wild competition

1. Jookie
Atari kinect vision 439 points
2. Gasman
Forever kiss kill 420 points
3. Jookie
Retro kinect present. 357 points

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ZX-Chip Podcast #22

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Funky Envelopes by Karbofos
Dancing Dick by Karbofos
Say Yeah 2 our friendship Bro! by Riskej
X-Ray Speculation/Gasman mixed by Voxel
Insane by Karbofos
Goody by Karbofos
Vibrations demo epilogue / IMP mixed by Voxel
It`s Life / MmcM mixed by Voxel

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ZX Spectrum Composite Mod Video Tutorial

posted by TecSoft

In this clear HD tutorial Mark shows how to perform a quick and easy no-solder modification of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum to enable a working composite output for modern TVs. With a few snips and twist of wire you can be using your Sinclair ZX Spectrum via Composite RCA input or even SCART.

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Game Library: Ghosts’n Goblins

posted by TecSoft

A small look at the ZX Spectrum version of Ghosts'n Goblins.

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Forever 14 Realitme Compo Started!

posted by TecSoft

The theme and details can be found at the official site.

Deadline for online entries: Saturday, March 16. - 12:00.

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SpecBAS 0.766 Now Available

posted by TecSoft


  • SAVE "" now saves to the current program name
  • PRINT now obeys the ORIGIN command's function for text placement with AT
  • Significant speedups in handling arrays
  • CLIP OFF - turn off global clipping
  • OUT - send text output to a variable (OUT var$), a stream (OUT stream-id) or the default screen (OUT SCREEN)
  • OUT can be embedded in a PRINT or TEXT command
  • INV n, UNDER, POLYTERM and COMPSIMPSON maths functions as requested
  • Improved the speed that statements containing DATA and LABEL are executed (or rather, aren't executed!)
  • FOR EACH n IN [1,2,3] will loop three times and set n to 1, 2 and 3 with each run through. Also works for strings - FOR EACH n$ IN ["a" TO "z"] for example
  • LIST now works as per Mallard BASIC ( LIST TO 100, LIST 50 TO 100, LIST 100 TO )
  • CAT can now recurse directories if you so choose - CAT "filespec" ALL
  • Python-style string multiplication - 2*"Hello" will create the string "HelloHello"
  • Full list of changes available at the WOS.

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    Brand New Game: Pinball [ZX81]

    posted by TecSoft

    Johan "Dr Beep" Koelman released another new game for ZX81 - 1K Pinball in HiRes.

    Requirements: 1K, WRX hires.

    Download it at sinclairzxworld.com or watch YouTube video.

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    Renegade Mod – Gift for Renegade Fans

    posted by TecSoft

    Ralf playing a bit with existing games code, adding colour here and there, changing this or that.

    If someone doesn't know - mod is a modified game with altered graphics, levels and gameplay to give a new fun with old engine.

    This is still old good Renegade but with a twist. As you can see this mod has new backgrounds, but that's not all. Play it and you'll see differences in the fight. This version is supposed to be a bit harder than original one but many people claimed that original Renegade is easy so here you are.

    Download SNA-version. TAP-version will be later.

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    ZX-Paintbrush 2.3 Published

    posted by TecSoft

    There are now up to 4 different palettes, that are accessible with 4 buttons, or, inside the palette editor (the ULA+ palette editor is not mentioned here).

    Palette 0 is the standard (working) palette. Palettes 1, 2 and 3 are customizeable by either loading a PAL file containing 64 RGB colour values, or by changing the RGB values manually. The 4 palette selectors are accessible in the palette bar now.

    Palette 1, 2 and 3 are stored into the registry, so ZX-Paintbrush will remember them after restarting. Palette 0 will be reset to standard or whatever when files are loaded. So don't put important palettes into palette 0.

    Download the editor at official site.


    An Experiment – Two Spectrums Playing Chiptune and Digi Music

    posted by TecSoft

    This is really a proof of concept, Yerzmyey made for the idea of playing simultaneously two ZX Spectrum computers, where one is playing chiptune music and the second one is playing digital music (6 channels in total).

    One Spectrum is playing a chiptune part from ZX SoundTracker 1.1. The second Spectrum is playing a 3-channels 4-bit digi-music from SampleTracker 2.1.

    Listen it at soundcloud.com.

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